Hot environments--indoors or out--can overwhelm the body's natural ability to cool itself. While short interval heat stress results in discomfort and fatigue, reducing the ability to think clearly and work efficiently, longer duration exposure can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke--a serious medical emergency.

Productivity losses due to heat-stress-related complications cost industry millions of dollars every year. Hot workplaces reduce human efficiency, degrade morale, raise accident rates, and increase the likelihood of Workman's Compensation claims. In addition, heat-stressed workers require idle recovery time.

SEQUEL® first took this formidable problem to task in 1985 with the introduction of a unique, passive thermal-cooling vest. Designed to sustain a worker's normal core body temperature in environments that are too hot and too expensive to alter, the vest succeeded in creating a comfortable microclimate within the otherwise inhospitable workplace. Today, the latest version of our unique ThermoVest™ provides hours of unassisted body cooling, a comfortable fit, easy maintenance, and the lowest possible cost per cooling-watt provided for a wide variety of applications.

Companies the world over now use SEQUEL's patented ThermoVests™ to improve worker safety and comfort, while minimizing downtime and medical costs. From steel mills, mines and power plants to treatment facilities, warehouses and theme-park characters, our vest beats the heat.