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SEQUEL Ice Pack Set #9003
Size: 6 strips/set; 6 in x 16 in (15 cm x 41 cm) each
Color: Ice White
Weight: 11 lbs (5 kg)
Price: $112.00 US

Use with ThermoVest™ #5326 (not included)

Our unique, high-efficiency gel refrigerant stays cold longer. Each Ice Pack Set consists of six individual ice strips. Each strip consists of three individual ice packs. This design allows incremental cooling and weighting of the garment, depending on the level of cooling required and the extremes of your environment. This arrangement also allows the individual ice packs to mold to your body as you move and flex when the packs are frozen solid.

We recommend purchasing at least two Ice Pack Sets per ThermoVest™, so that one set can chill while the other is in use. Quick and easy ice change-outs can double or triple your stay-times in extreme high-heat environments, substantially improving your comfort level.

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