How can I order SEQUEL products?
You can contact our distributor WW Grainger at 1-800-Grainger and ask for part numbers 3XLN7 (Sequel Cooling Vest) and 3XLN9 (Sequel Ice Pack Strips, PK 6) or simply order online from Alternatively, you can order directly from Sequel online by clicking here.

How long do your Ice Packs stay frozen, and what is their expected lifespan?
It all depends on the ambient temperature of your work environment, your level of physical activity, and your personal metabolic rate. 3-10 hours is a reasonable range to expect. They can be refrozen innumerable times. They are puncture resistant and quite durable, so depending on how you handle them, you can expect your ice strips to last several years of hard use.

Is the Ice Pack compound toxic to me or the environment?
No. The unique formulation of our super-efficient Ice Packs is completely non-toxic to humans and the environment. Should you puncture a strip and spill its contents, you need merely rinse the affected area with water.

My working conditions are uncomfortably warm, but not so warm that I need to be excessively chilled. Do I have to freeze the Ice Packs solid?
No. Many people simply chill their Ice Packs in a standard refrigerator to increase their heat-absorbing capacity beyond what the mass possesses at normal room temperature. Freezing the packs solid simply increases your stay-time in extreme environments.

How can I further adjust the ThermoVest's cooling power to meet my needs?
You can further regulate our vest's cooling power by reducing the number of Ice Strips you use. For instance, though the ThermoVest™ is equipped with 6 pockets, you may insert 2, 4, or all 6 Ice Strips, depending on your cooling requirements and weight restrictions (load them evenly, front and back, to maintain proper weight distribution).

Does your ThermoVest™ work just as well in both dry and humid, high-heat environments?
In hot, dry conditions, and in addition to the cooling power provided by their ice, you can soak our garments in water so that they behave like evaporative swamp coolers. In humid environments you will see a greater degree of condensation around the ice strips, making the fabric moist, but not affecting their cooling potential.

Is the ThermoVest™ cut from fire-resistant fabric?
No. Workers subject to open flames should wear the ThermoVest™ under protective outerwear.

How do SEQUEL thermal cooling garments differ from others on the market?
As with any good idea, imitators abound. Some try to keep you cool through evaporation alone, with garments designed to be soaked in water. Though this method is somewhat effective in dry environments, it simply doesn't work in humid environments. Others build extremely sophisticated active systems with all sorts of pumps and moving parts. Though they offer substantially more cooling power than mere evaporation garments, they are very expensive, heavy, and a maintenance nightmare. Finally, some tout space-age "phase-change" materials as the answer, even though they work for a very limited amount of time in only moderately warm conditions. Simply put, our patented design provides the greatest amount of cooling with the least amount of complexity and cost.

Call me a skeptic, but do these things really work?
One day spent in the heat wearing a SEQUEL ThermoVest™ will make a believer out of you, as it has thousands of our satisfied customers since 1985.