Overwhelming scientific evidence indicates the earth is getting hotter. In fact, the last 10 years have been the hottest decade on record, with each successive year surpassing the previous. Whether you work directly out in the sun or inside a steel mill, power plant or toxic waste containment suit--heat is the enemy. Combating this adversary is cost effective only when you cool the worker, not the entire work environment.

SEQUEL's patented personal cooling vest maintains the body's core temperature by positioning optimum quantities of heat-absorbing mass over the vital organs. This mass, a highly-efficient and reusable gel refrigerant that can be frozen or merely cooled, is placed within Velcro-closing, insulated pockets. Additionally, the entire garment can then be wetted with water to promote evaporative cooling. Together, this configuration effectively reflects, absorbs, and dissipates the heat that can otherwise overwhelm the wearer.

Our ThermoVest should be worn over a shirt--not directly against the skin--and can be worn under protective clothing, such as a bunker coat or containment suit. Their trim fit and ergonomic design allow for full freedom of movement, even in confined spaces, while still allowing for a wide range of adjustment.

Attention to detail in design, materials selection, and craftsmanship is evident throughout. Sequel products are proudly handcrafted in the USA. The vest's shell fabric is cut from a 65%-35% polyester-cotton blend; polyester provides long wear and easy care, while cotton absorbs excess condensation to improve evaporative transpiration. The pockets are insulated with a high-tech, bicomponent, aluminized polyester that significantly extends the life of the ice packs they contain. Each pocket is equipped with a handy pull-tab to speed ice change outs when time and trouble are critical. Double-needle stitching improves the garment's durability both on the job, and during the rigors of industrial laundering.

Remove Ice Packs before laundering. Machine wash garment in warm water (not to exceed 160 F) using soap only--NO DETERGENT. Do not bleach. Tumble dry using no-to-very-low heat.